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How Long a Claim for Injuries Can Be Filed

If someone else’s negligence or criminality caused your injury, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your losses. First, knowing how long you have to file a lawsuit for your damage claim is crucial. The statute of limitations refers to the window during which you must bring a personal injury claim. So let personalinjuryattorneysirvine explain this to you.

States have different personal injury statutes of limitations, although they are generally between two and six years from the date of the accident. In addition, the statute of limitations can range from one year in some states to ten years in others. Your state’s statute of limitations must be understood to file a lawsuit within that time restriction.

You may only be able to recover damages compensation if you file your personal injury claim within the allotted period. This is why acting as quickly as you can after getting hurt is crucial.

It’s also vital to remember that the statute of limitations has several exceptions. For instance, the statute of limitations might be extended if you were a minor when the damage occurred. The law of rules might also be extended if the defendant was eluding justice or traveling outside the state or nation.

Additionally, the statutes of limitations may be shortened for some personal injury lawsuits, such as those involving medical misconduct. Therefore, speaking with a personal injury lawyer is crucial to determine the specific statute of limitations that apply to your case.

Following an injury, taking action as soon as possible is critical. It would be best if you also spoke with a personal injury lawyer to find the specific statute of limitations that apply to your case. You must wait to file a lawsuit to obtain your due money.