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Purchase Permit? Is a License Required to Buy a Car at a BHPH?

You’re looking to buy a car and considering visiting buy here pay here wv. But hold on, is a driver’s license required to buy a car at a BHPH? Of course, everyone has this question or a select few. But let’s have a look and see for this BHPH matter.

To begin with, let’s define what a BHPH dealership is. These automobile lots specialize in financing vehicles for those with poor credit. The majority of the time, they base their lending decisions on your income and employment history rather than performing credit checks. Now let’s get back to the central issue of BHPH.

The short answer is that a driver’s license is required to buy a car from a BHPH dealership. Why, you inquire? To begin with, to lawfully drive a vehicle on a public road, you must possess a driver’s license. And it only makes logical that you have a driver’s license if you’re going to be operating a motor vehicle.

But what if you don’t currently own a driver’s license? Are BHPH dealerships still where you can buy a car? Yes, technically. You can purchase a vehicle without approval but can’t drive it off the lot. Instead, you must either arrange to have the car towed to your house or have someone with a valid license drive it.

If you’re underage and considering purchasing a car at a BHPH dealership without a license, let me stop that immediately. You must be 18 to buy a car at most BHPH dealerships. Furthermore, even if you are 18 or older, you still need a license to buy a vehicle at BHPH and drive it legally.

A driver’s license is a privilege, not a right, so keep that in mind. So fasten your seatbelt, obtain your license, and start driving your brand-new BHPH vehicle.