The Public Arts and Music Committee

Under the umbrella of Eustis Main Street, was formed in September of 2000. It is comprised of individuals with a common mission to create and support public arts and music venues in Eustis. We have promoted Public Arts and Music for over 8 years, as an integral factor in the cultural and economic foundation of this community. We believe the arts contribute not only to an enhanced quality of life, but also to higher educational levels, cultural tourism, employment of a viable workforce and creating higher values for property and business. All are Encouraged to join us in our creative endeavors– interested volunteers are welcome!

The Art:
Permanent Collection: 2000 to present

  • McCulloch’s Alley Arch: Steel, Penny Cash, Kace Montgomery & Doug Hays,  McCulloch’s Alley
  • The Heron: Stainless Steel, Doug Hays, Ferran Park in the Fountain, on Lake Eustis
  • Kinetic Pole Art: Steel,  Brenda Heim & Doug Hays, 205 N. Grove Street
  • Mother Bear and Cub: Lava Rock, Norman Tank
  • The Anhinga: Mild Steel, Doug Hays
  • Bike Rack: powder-coated Steel, Doug Hays
  • Panther: Coquina Stone, Norman Tank
  • Four-part Harmony: Steel, Brass, Copper, Silver; Penny Cash, Doug Hays, Eustis and Magnolia St.
  • Annual City of Eustis Sculpture Program: Launch Summer 2008, Call for 2009 Artists, April
  • Field of Poppies: Steel, Doug Hays  and Brenda Heim
  • Polygon 2, Steel, Doug Hays
  • Innocents, Ceramic, Lois Crisp Stover
  • Basking in the Moonlight, Bronze, Marsha DeBroske
  • Residents, Steel, Stefanis Alexandres
  • Renewal, Aluminum, Mindy Colton
  • Wood, J. Francis Mahoney
  • Endangered, Steel & Glass, Stefanis Alexandres
  • Fountain Green, an interim sculpture park, Downtown Historic Eustis, PAM facilitating
  • Coordination of the Fountain, placement
  • Arts in the Air: Annual Banner project, now partners with Mount Dora and Tavares-
  • 4th annual, Call for artists April 2009, PAM facilitating Artists’ Row: First Friday StreetFest, began June 2008. Continuing monthly. The Music

The Music:
  • 12th Annual Lake County Folk Festival October 10-11. 2009
  • Musical Evening Series at Bay Street Theatre, continuing
  • Arts/Cultural Week  October 4-11, 2009

Historic Events:

French Dinner (7 years), The Great Lake Eustis Chili Cook-out, (5 years)