Public Arts and Music (PAM) was formed 2000 by a group of people that wanted to share their passion for art with the people of Eustis. They took their idea for the first piece of public art to the City Commission --McCulloch’s Alley Arch--- and in 4 months presented to the City the first in the Eustis Public Art Collection. Now a committee of Eustis Main Street, PAM is comprised of individuals with a common mission to create and support public arts and music venues in Eustis.

Eustis was the first city in Lake County to have art on the streets---we have 9 pieces plus the work on loan from the artists in The Fountain Green. The 14th Annual Lake County Folk Festival will be held in October- brought to the city by PAM in 2004, and now one of the top 5 music festivals in the state and the only one free to all. Last year, this festival brought over 9,000 people downtown and over 100 musicians performed on 6 stages. This year, PAM produces the 6th “Arts in the Air” project where banners painted by professional and emerging artists are displayed on the downtown light poles. In 2011, 58 banners were displayed.

Eustis Vision 2025 calls for Eustis to be “A Center For Arts and Culture”. We congratulate the city for action ---and the acknowledgement that the arts contribute not only to an enhanced quality of life, but also to higher educational levels, cultural tourism, employment of a viable workforce and creating higher values for property and business. Public Arts and Music is thrilled to play an important role in helping Eustis achieve its Arts & Cultural vision.

If you are a fan of public art and music, please volunteer for PAM.