Eustis Demographics

Our strategic location in Central Florida, pro-business attitude and
Qualities of life are only a few of the reasons why Eustis and Lake County are destined as being “Central Florida’s New Business Center”.

2009 Demographic Estimates
Source: Metro Orlando
Economic Development Commission

  Lake County Eustis Area
Population  306,764 63,838 
Households 127,305 27,756 
Median Age 46  43
Work place employees   65,392 25,777 
Work Place Establishments 6,837 2,434
Work Force 132,693  25,682 
Median Household Income  $47,755
Major employers as a percentage of the workforce
(Source: Florida Labor Market Statistics)
Finance & Professional  22%
Healthcare    17%
Retail Trade 15%
Construction & Real Estate 14%

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According to the University of Florida Bureau of Economics and Business Research, Lake County is ranked 19th within the State of Florida as to proprietor business ownership and 22nd within the state as to taxable sales.